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The Falls Service sees people who have recently had a fall or those that are at risk of falling

Falls can have a significant impact on daily life and we aim to find out why individuals are falling, treat any underlying problems and reduce the risk of falling in the future.

In order to refer to our services, The client should be:

  • Usually over 65 years
  • History of fall
  • Identified risk of falling / fear of falling
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We will assess people to determine what help they need. We will want to know about the individual’s medical history and medications that they take. We will want to know what people do on a daily basis to help us understand their needs.

We will visit people in their own home or residence for assessment and treatment.

One of our Specialist team member will visit your home/residence for a detailed one -to-one Falls & Wellbeing Screening Assessment. We also do virtual assessments. This detailed multifactorial screening assessment cover individual health, wellbeing, falls and daily activates. This Screening assessment gives us an early identification of risk of falls, our other team specialist therapist needs and allows us to signpost to any other appropriate services that you may need.

Our Specialist Occupational Therapist (OT) will conduct a detailed assessment of individual ergonomics and raise awareness of hazards in different locations of your home/residence. Our Therapist will suggest/make relevant changes, adaptations or recommendations to make your environment safer to reduce the risk factors and prescribes relevant equipment for safe environment to prevent falls from occurring.

Our specialist Nurse will do relevant Blood and Urine test related to Falls at your home, if required. If any concerns with your test results, Our Nurse specialist will inform your GP to make further actions.

Our Specialist Physiotherapist will conduct a detailed assessment on your joint movement, muscle strength, balance and posture. Our therapist will provide relevant exercises, education and prescribe mobility aids, if required.

If our clinicians identified that you will get benefit from any other local NHS or Non-NHS services, eg. AgeUK, SCARC, COMPASS, etc, we will sign post you to other services with your consent.

We also prescribe and provide relevant equipment like walking sticks, frames, grabrails, trollies etc. free of cost to promote your independency.

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Exercise Classes

B-Well Group runs a variety of exercise classes to help the elderly stay as active and independent as possible. All classes are designed in accordance to the patient’s ability and focus on falls prevention.

Our exercise classes include:

  • Evidence Based Exercise & Education Programme (OTAGO)
  • Pilates, Thi-Chi and Multi sports (Stable & Able exercise classes)

Currently we run exercise classes in five different locations in Milton Keynes.

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